Monday, January 17, 2011


The possession is not always manifested like evident diabolical characteristic or with a sinister complete circuit of paranormal characteristics but is enough the antisocial conduct that resists every benefit of any type; the possessed person can go through great self suffering in order to become a belligerent and accusing instrument since he turns himself into a victim by making the others responsible and not assuming any responsibility.

The possessed person expresses the torture of the self torture. He perverts his emotions, and cries, shouts, fights very easily, while holding to the selfishness.The possessed person will never change unless he becomes liberated of this great evil. He suffers in a morbid way, he exalts his suffering, turning his misfortune into an exuberant greater misfortune, he is always histrionic and is an idiotic defender of lost causes.

All this is only the beginning of a process, of what means the spiritual possession.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

Monday, November 8, 2010


Mornings become gray, poetry cry and hurt, flowers wither and love do not last, all that last is a chain of thorns, that as much as you try to remove them, they embrace you more, they go deeper and thorns, blood and your skin, mix, and you no longer know what to do because you became a bloody thorn and now you are more than bitterness, you lost sanity, the sense of pleasure, the stars will fall to the ground and illusions as butterflies facing fire, will burn their wings and will no longer fly. There is no life here, only sadness, the happiness that you will never taste.

This is the signal of the spirit where apathy is born, the coldest night, the most absolute distrust. The demon of discouragement, its name is legion, and is in front of you, as fallen angel, pretending to accompany and take you in but as soon as he comes closer, he will bury his claws in your heart and he will never leave you.

Move away because he will deceive and captivate you. Move away from him

-Art and Teachings to nourish your soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Nightmare of Dreams

Of the dreams, i am the nightmare and of reality, i am the horror . For me , life finds his sense of been in the pain . If the human beings would not feel my presence, their lives would be empty and lacking sense . Thanks to me , they manage to develop their emotions and to try to overcome their limits .If it was not for me , their lives would be deadly contemplative .

They cry for me ,they clamor for me , then , the darkness is a superior form of light , where everyone has to look at, to discover his original face and also his extreme , hidden , ugly face . But what would happen if they could not express themselves . Where the violence would be ? Will the armies become extinct ? Would the weapons be finished ? Would the spirit of conquest die ? Would the wars ,disappear of civilization ?

Then , where will the empires , the conquerors and the conquered ones would be ? Who would look for heroism , sacrifice and death, that make mortals, out of men and women and place them as a model, in front of all , as a necessary step in the human evolution . Are not, death, violence and horror, their best motivation ?

An small and insignificant flower was listening to this fallen angel and she thought : "I only know that I will live for a moment , one day for me is like many and all as an eternity without end . Today I listened to the voice of this fallen angel , to the most hidden secrets of his heart and with my smallness and sensibility , I can say that the evil of darkness, takes root in justifying the absurdity of the selfishness and the lack of real values . That is why it so easy to justify them ."

The whole empire needs wars , blood , victims , martyrs , they all are part of a very vast and complex machinery who yields homage, to the pride and vanity and this is the reason that every evil can be justified .

But the true life , the life for example of this flower is not reached by being a powerful king but just to be what we naturally are , without trying to reach the stars from the ground . Evil weaves a trap and tries to get the perfect victim and tries to justify itself . And if the great powers need to live of the blood of the innocent ones, then the flowers have more riches than the majority of men because in order to live, we only need to be , not to hurt , not to destroy , ever .

Only to Love.
To Be , in order to Love .
And to Love in order to Be.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell